The Team

Tim Byres

 — Chef/Owner

As an admirer of the eatery’s namesake, Byres takes a lot of Teddy Roosevelt’s ideals and beliefs to heart and applies them to every aspect of his life, including his role as culinary leader. Byres introduces adventure and anticipation with The Theodore; he is the bridge between all areas of the restaurant, including day-to-day, and brings the culinary vision and know-how that will make The Theodore stand a cut above.

Byres sees The Theodore as a way to help quench his everlasting thirst for knowledge and to hone a new craft. Just as he became the expert on live-fire cooking with SMOKE, he hopes to do the same with The Theodore when it comes to classic American cooking and breads. He has become completely immersed in his role at the restaurant and intends to tell a story with his dishes that will honor the timeless American classics that he is reinventing.

Kyle Hilla

 — Liquid Architect

Hilla brings to The Theodore his knack for creating multi-layered mixed drinks using the simplest ingredients – a skill he honed during his five-year tenure as bar manager of Oak Cliff foodie-haven, Bolsa. Hilla is a “liquid architect,” creating well-balanced cocktails that change with the seasons. At The Theodore, he serves straightforward beverages inspired by timeless American classics.

Jonathan Knecht

 — General Manager

As the leading driver of delivering a dynamic experience at The Theodore, Knecht is the behind-the-scenes orchestrator of the customer journey. His focus is primarily on maintaining an easygoing atmosphere with a sense of sophistication that doesn’t exclude any guest. Prior to The Theodore, Knecht had been curating the customer experience at Bolsa. 

Christopher Jeffers

 — Owner

As principle creative director, Jeffers brings his passion for film and music to The Theodore. Overseeing all details related to the atmosphere of the restaurant, Jeffers drew inspiration from the films, “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” directed by Wes Anderson, and longtime beloved song “Glad and Sorry” by English rock band The Faces. Jeffers creates an atmosphere and experience that will completely change what it is to be a restaurant in a mall.

Chris Zielke

 — Owner

Born in Spain, and raised in Central America, Zielke has become an influential part and contributor of the Dallas restaurant scene for over 10 years, Zielke’s restaurants have been recognized locally and nationally as being at the forefront of the local food movement. He resolutely believes that in today’s society, food and beverage are more than nourishment, but essential elements in building a community.